2017-12-05 – Death warmed-up.

Today feels like a repeat of yesterday.  The dreaded lurgy is still in control, and I’m feeling like death warmed-up, so the prospects of my actually doing anything useful today are virtually nil.

My son calls me on FaceTime from Australia (where he is currently on his travels) wanting me to have a look at his blog, Wandering Yokel, which he is using to catalogue his travels over the next year or so.  We review his efforts and have a chin wag about his plans for the next few weeks.

I am feeling cold and miserable, so decide to cheer myself up by lighting the fire and toasting myself next to it.  I take the log basket outside to fill it, only to find that my neatly stacked pile of logs has toppled over, so I spend the next 45 minutes picking them up and re-stacking them.  By the time I have done this, I’m so hot and bothered that I don’t need to light the fire.

I cool down by walking the dog, and light the woodburner when we return.

Our eldest granddaughter is coming to stay the night tonight, so I vacuum downstairs, mop the kitchen/dining room floor, and construct our large child-proof fireguard before my wife arrives home with her.

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