2017-12-14 – Trying to cross a few items off.

Another day of trying to cross a few items off my “to do” list.  Another day of failing to achieve very much at all.  I do manage to cross one or two items off, but they aren’t the most important or pressing tasks.  Motivation (or lack thereof) is really, really frustrating!

I email Martha Orbach, the London based artist (who has just relocated to Glasgow) who is working on a project about Parkinson’s Disease and DBS – I promised her some input to her project when we met in London a few weeks ago, and I have now forgotten exactly what it is that I promised!

I defrost the freezer in the kitchen, placing bowls of boiling water inside to speed the process up, and then (impatience cutting in) use my wife’s hair dryer to blast it with warm air and really speed the process up.

I butcher my daughter’s defunct MacBook so that I can use some of the parts to repair and upgrade my MacBook – my computer is becoming very slow, the hard disk is getting extremely full and I want to make it as saleable as possible so that I can sell it in the New Year and buy something a little less antiquated (my MacBook is over 12 years old).

I also take my car around the block a couple of times – it has been well over a week since it has been used, and the security system has a habit of flattening the battery if the car isn’t used for a long period of time.

Other than that, I walk the dog (twice), bring in some logs for the woodburner and light the fire.

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