2017-10-08 – Kenwood Chef food mixers.

My wife intends to press on with the bathroom tiling today, so I need to find something productive to do that will make me feel useful.  I have somehow managed to accumulate three Kenwood Chef food mixers (don’t ask me how – I can’t remember).  Since these mixers are quite large, we really don’t have room for them.  I have been saying that I will sell them on eBay for quite some time now, so when I ask my wife what she would like me to do…  You’ve guessed it!

I locate the machines and their various accessories, and set about cleaning them up so that I can take some nice photos of them (which I do).  I write a description, schedule the auctions so that they end next Saturday and Sunday evenings, and list the first two mixers.  It sounds really quick, simple and straightforward, but it has taken me the whole afternoon to clean, photograph and list 2 items!

I bung a couple of ready meals in the oven while my wife clears away the tiling debris, and then we settle down in front of the telly for a dose of Dexter.

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