2017-10-07 – Feeling exhausted.

I don’t want to get out of bed this morning.  I slept really well, but I’m still feeling exhausted, so I stay in my pit until almost 10am.

I don’t really have any plans for this weekend, other than doing some grocery shopping – so my wife and I venture out to Lidl in North Walsham and get a load of groceries.

We are going to have dinner with my wife’s youngest son and his fiancee this evening – my wife is cooking the dinner (Cottage Pie) and we’re taking it with us. My wife prepares the meal while I lounge around, checking social media and planning our trip to London on Tuesday.

At 4pm we head over to Hevingham armed with dinner, a very fattening dessert, a couple of beers (for me) and the dog (she doesn’t like it if we go out for the evening and leave her behind).  We have an enjoyable evening, see both of our granddaughters, and get back to our cottage in Southrepps around 10pm.

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