2017-10-09 – Preparations

My wife drops me off at Autowerke this morning. I pay the eye-watering bill, collect my car and book it in for an MOT test on Wednesday – I’ll be pretty upset if it fails on anything!

Back in Southrepps, I have a few things to get sorted out for the Patients At Parliament protest tomorrow.  I have received an email from Baroness Meacher saying that she is unfortunately unable to attend the protest, which is a bit of a shame.  I speak to her PR man, though, and he volunteers to promote the event on Twitter, so that’s something positive.

I chase up Greater Anglia – my train tickets (which are e-tickets) should have been emailed to me last Thursday, but still haven’t arrived.  After several failed attempts, their customer service representative managed to get the tickets emailed to me, and I print them off in readiness for tomorrow.

I chase up the NHNN about an appointment to reprogram my neurostimulator, agree a date and time, and then book train tickets for the journey.

I clear all of the vlog footage from the memory card of my camcorder and make sure that both batteries are fully charged.  I have it in mind to do a vlog about the protest, provided I can get some interesting shots.

I charge my vaporiser and give it a good clean, just in case I decide to take part in the civil disobedience of illegally taking some cannabis outside the Houses of Parliament.

My wife and I drop the dog off at her youngest son’s house, where she will stay until Wednesday, and then get ourselves an early night – tomorrow is going to be a long day…

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