2017-10-06 – Patients At Parliament.

I decide that my weekly vlog is going to be about the Patients At Parliament protest arranged by United Patients Alliance (UPA) next Tuesday so, after drinking tea and Nutriblast and walking the dog, I visit the UPA website and start writing a script.

I film myself without too much trouble (half a dozen re-takes) – my voice isn’t too bad today.   I have more of an issue with using the trackpad on my MacBook because of tremor.  I take a good dose of CBD oil, which chills me out considerably – I am not any quicker with editing my video, but I just don’t care!

I have finished editing, loaded the finished video to my YouTube channel, published it and posted links to it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by the time my wife gets home from work.

Time for dinner, a beer and an episode of Dexter on Netflix.

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