2017-10-05 – A late night last night

I’m feeling weary today.  We had a little bit of a late night last night (we went to see Living Colour play at The Waterfront in Norwich), but neither my wife or I had a very good night’s sleep.  I think the ringing in our ears must have kept us awake.

My wife has a sales rep calling at the house this morning (in connection with her soft furnishings business), and is then going to fit a futon cover they she has made for one of our neighbours – I’m going to be with her (on both occasions) for moral support.

The sales rep arrives, armed with plenty of fabric samples – I struggle to suppress my yawns (because I’m tired, not because I’m bored).   Once he has departed, my wife and I wander around to our neighbour’s house with the new futon cover and spend the next few hours fitting it and installing buttons – my wife does the majority of the work; my role is to watch and make encouraging noises.

I have been contacted by the United Patients Alliance (UPA) regarding a demonstration outside Parliament next Tuesday, about the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.  I have been invited to join the demonstration as a guest of the UPA, and they would like me to talk to the media about my experience in testing my Parkinson’s Disease with cannabis.  I happily agree to join them, and book train tickets to London for my wife and I.

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