2017-10-04 – Less motivated today.

I’m feeling less motivated today, and my left leg tremor is bring a nuisance again.  I email the DBS nurses at the NHNN and request an appointment to have my device reprogrammed in a couple of weeks time.

I received a letter from the hospital last week, informing me that an appointment has been made for me to see a neurologist there next year, at a time that is completely unrealistic for me to attend (given that I would be travelling by train from North Norfolk) – so, I call the hospital and cancel it (I would have rearranged it for a more convenient time, but I was told there were no afternoon appointments available).

My wife and I are going to see Living Colour at The Waterfront this evening, so I locate our e-tickets and print them off.  I’m hoping to get a seat provided (The Waterfront is a “standing only” venue) – at least the box office told me that they would provide me with a seat.

Autowerke called me to let me know that my car will be ready for collection tomorrow at some stage, provided I pay them an eye-watering sum of money – I can’t really complain because I have owned the car for almost 4 years (and coming on for 30,000 miles) now, and this is the first major bill that I have had.

The dog takes me for an afternoon stroll around the field by the village hall, and then I start getting myself ready to go out.

Living Colour are absolutely superb (as expected), and we have a thoroughly enjoyable evening out.

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