2017-10-03 – Chemical warfare.

Another attempt to clean the lounge windows is required – I thought that I had done a decent job of it yesterday, but then I noticed the streaks that I had left…  I clean them again with plenty of soapy water, but the streaks remain.   I resort to chemical warfare (again) and use some Mer polish that I found in my car cleaning collection of chemicals the other day – I always used to use it for cleaning the insides of car windows, so it should be good for house windows, too.  It takes a good deal of elbow grease, but the Mer does the trick and the streaks are history.  While I’m at it, I clean the windows (inside and out) in or bedroom, which my wife had told me needed cleaning.

I deal with one of the emails that had been lurking in my inbox for the last week or so, and send a reply.

I print of a sheet of labels with my wife’s soft furnishings business details on them, for her to label up her fabric sample books.

I receive a FaceTime call from my son, who has just arrived in Manila in the Philippines, the second stop on his year (or more) of travelling.

I apply some more Viakal to the limescale stain on the front wall of our cottage – at this rate it’s going to take a long time (and lot of Viakal) to remove it.   My neighbour tells me to try some brick acid (when I bump into him whilst taking the dog for her afternoon walk) so I’ll have to procure some and give it a go.

I’m definitely feeling more motivated these last couple of days, but I don’t seem to be achieving a great deal – still, something is better than nothing. My voice is a little less weak today, my tremor (left leg) is still milder than it has been lately, and I seem to have a tad more energy. Walking and balance are still improved, and my muscular aches and pains have abated.  Things are looking up!

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