2017-10-02 – Trying to give away a ticket.

I start the day by trying to give away a ticket to a Belinda Carlisle gig – I purchased the ticket a while ago, and then realised that I already had a ticket for a Living Colour gig on the same evening.  I can’t believe how difficult it is to give something away!  Eventually, I find a taker (my eldest nephew), so at least it won’t be going to waste.

I’m feeling a little (just a little) bit more motivated this morning, and decide to clean the lounge windows (which are covered in water stains and gunk from when I pressure washed the front of the house on Saturday) when I return from the morning dog walk.  While I’m at it, I wash the front door and door frame – that’s better!

My walking and balance are also improved today, and the tremor in my left leg is much milder than it had been of late.  My voice is still pants, though.

I catch up on my social media messages, and reply to them as necessary.  I have a couple of emails that I need to respond to as well, but I’ll attend to those tomorrow…

My wife arrives home from work while I’m applying chemicals to the limescale stained front wall of our cottage, so I finish up and give downstairs a taste of the vacuum cleaner while she goes for a run.

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