2017-08-09 – Spending the day indoors.

It’s a grey, wet day in Southrepps today, and I’m planning on spending the day indoors.  I take the dog for her morning walk when the rain appears to have slacked off a little, but it’s still wet enough for me to make it a fairly brief outing.

I book a courier online to send a parcel on behalf of my wife’s soft furnishings business, and encounter a web server error when confirming the order.  This means I have to submit the order again, and I notice that they have taken payment from the business account twice!  Grrrr!  By the time I’ve managed to get through to the courier company’s customer service department (which involves navigating one of those infuriating automated call handling systems), explain the problem to the customer service representative, and receive assurances that the problem will be resolved, I’m both irritated and stressed – not a good start to the day!

I spend a little time researching holiday destinations online.  My mother gave me £1,000 for my birthday this year, to put towards a holiday for my wife and I.   I also told my wife (last April, when I was in hospital for my DBS operation) that I would take her away somewhere special if I survived the operation, so I really need to make good on that promise.  I look at various options, but I’m still no closer to deciding where to go – more work required, must try harder!

I receive a phone call from the television production company that is making the health program for Channel 4 (for which they are filming me) – they want to come and film me tomorrow rather than in a week’s time, would that be okay?  It’s fine with me, so tomorrow afternoon it is!  I think my wife will have a nervous breakdown when I tell her – she’ll spend the next 24 hours trying to turn our partially renovated little cottage into something out of “Homes & Gardens“, so I decide not to tell her immediately, and do a little tidying/de-cluttering before she returns home this evening.

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