2017-08-10 – A film crew in the house.

I’m expecting a film crew in the house today, so I have several hours of cleaning and tidying to do before they arrive this afternoon.

First things first – a cup of tea, Nutriblast, dog walk and pay a couple of bills online before I forget.  Then I set about dusting and vacuuming the lounge, kitchen/diner, hallway, stairs, landing and bathroom.  I wash the tiled floors in the kitchen/diner and the bathroom and then give the basin, toilet and bath the once over.  I feel that the house is now in an acceptable state, which is more than can be said for me!  I’m hot and sweaty and knackered.  I have a bath, get changed into clean clothes and retire to the sofa to await the arrival of the film crew.

I receive a phone call to say they are running a couple of hours behind schedule, so take a leisurely stroll with the dog around the field by the village hall.

I’m feeling a little less knackered by the time they arrive at 5.30pm, which is just as well.  They fill the downstairs of our little cottage with camera, tripod, audio and lighting equipment, and then their presenter, Morland Sanders, interviews me about my use of cannabis to treat my Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.   My tremor is breaking through quite strongly on both sides – the stressful situation of being interviewed is definitely making itself known.  They do a number of takes from different angles (even the dog gets in on the act) and then its all over.   Equipment packed away and film crew gone by 7.30pm.

I think I should sleep well tonight!

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