2017-08-08 – Feeling shattered.

I wake up with tremor in my left leg once more.  I’m fairly sure that it is due to fatigue (I’m feeling shattered in spite of a good night of sleep), but I reach for my device controller to increase stimulation on my left side.  Unfortunately I find that I’m already receiving the maximum voltage allowed, so that puts an end to that thought!

I take things very easy today, sitting on the sofa in our lounge with my iPad, replying to a few social media messages and sending replies to a couple of emails that have been lurking in my inbox since the end of last week.

The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse, and the afternoon brings dark clouds, thunder and lightning and a torrential downpour.

I take the dog for her afternoon walk when the rain abates a little, and combine this with a visit to our allotment.  I harvest three courgettes that are trying to be marrows, and set off back home. Its at this point that I realise how absolutely knackered I truly am.  Its only about 200 metres from the allotment to our house, but I am staggering like a drunkard before I’m halfway there, and I’m on the verge of collapse by the time I’m through the front door.  I put the courgettes/marrows in the conservatory, dry the dog off and retire to the sofa (again).  I think I’m going to be aching tomorrow!

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