2017-08-07 – Back up the River Ant.

Bright sunshine at 7am gives way to cloud by 9am.  The weather forecast is for cloud and rain, so we have some breakfast and a cup of tea/coffee and head off back up the River Ant to our mooring at Wayford Bridge.  We moor the boat on the river bank and transfer all of our paraphernalia to my wife’s car.

Before we go home we pay a visit to my mother (who has advanced Parkinson’s) in Stalham.  She’s having a good day, and I can almost hear what she’s saying to me (from time to time).  It’s while we are attempting to hold a conversation that I realise that my voice is much stronger than it has been for a long time, and it’s not so much of an effort to get words out.  Perhaps it’s down to the fact that I changed my device settings yesterday?  I always associate an increase in stimulation with a decrease in tremor and dystonia, but with deterioration of my other symptoms, so I had been expecting my voice to get worse, if anything.  I make a mental note to discuss this with the DBS programmer when I go to the NHNN on the 21st.

We return to Southrepps via Lidl in North Walsham for urgently needed supplies (milk and beer).

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