2017-08-06 – Cleaning the boat.

We awaken to a beautiful sunny morning – a good day for cleaning the outside of the boat.

My brother arrives at Barton Turf in his boat and decides to help me and my wife clean our boat – a very welcome gesture!  I empty out the gas locker, which is in one hell of a state, throwing away much of the contents and cleaning the remainder.  My wife scrubs at the decks and cleans the windows, and my brother cleans the hull. A couple of hours later the boat is scarcely recognisable.  She’s still looking a bit on the tatty side, but I knew that she needed a lick of paint.  At least she’s now clean and tatty…

We take a rest and have a beer. My tremor is still strong in my left side, so I increase the voltage on the left side of my neurostimulator by 0.1 volts (now 2.8 volts on the left and 2.4 volts on the right).  My tremor is instantly under control and doesn’t bother me again for the rest of the day.

We decide to stay on the boat again tonight, and end up drinking cider with my brother and reminiscing about our misspent childhoods until far too late.

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