2017-08-05 – A very leisurely pace.

I’m awake at 3.45am. And 5am. And 6.30am.  I manage to get back to sleep each time, until eventually I get up at around 8.30am.

My wife makes the tea/coffee, feeds the dog and takes her for a walk around the boatyard, while I try to find out why the engine isn’t charging the batteries.  After much grubbing around an oily engine, we discover that the alternator isn’t up to the job of charging 3 batteries, as well as running the fridge – I turn the fridge off for the time being, and normal battery charging service is resumed.

We head off downstream at a very leisurely pace, crossing Barton Broad and ending up at Gay’s Staithe (no, it’s not a Norfolk cruising location – well, actually I suppose it is, just not that kind) where we moor up for a couple of hours while I attempt to repair one of the bedroom drawers and my wife gets on with the task of cleaning a year’s worth of neglect from the outside of the boat.  We then motor back across Barton Broad to Barton Turf where we meet up with my wife’s youngest son, his fiancee and our youngest grandchild.

My symptoms should be at their least bothersome while we are out on the boat – away from the stress of everyday life.  My tremor is really getting to be a problem on my left side, so if it’s no better tomorrow then I shall risk increased dyskinesia and turn the stimulation on my device up by a couple of notches.  Other than that, my voice is still weak, but a little stronger today than it has been of late, my balance is a little wonky and my walking is on the wooden side, muscular stiffness and weakness are not troubling me, and neither is fatigue.  Mood and motivation are reasonably okay.

When our visitors have departed, we cook a ready meal and settle down to listen to an audio book whilst I try replacing (successfully) an ancient fluorescent light fitting in the main cabin with a modern LED fitting.

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