2017-08-04 – A few days on the boat.

We are spending a few days on the boat, starting today, so I publish my vlog first thing this morning, and post links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as a number of Parkinson’s Disease forums.

We have a visit from my wife’s youngest son’s fiancee and our youngest granddaughter, which is very nice.

The weather isn’t quite as good as was forecast, but we decide to go to the boat in any case – it’ll be a change of scene if nothing else.

My tremor is really quite strong on my left side today, so I bite the bullet and email the DBS team at the NHNN for an appointment for a tune-up – so, I’m off to hospital on the 21st for a little adjustment.

We get to the boat before dusk (via Lidl in North Walsham, for a couple of ready meals and some bottles of beer) make up the bed (well, my wife does), crack open a couple of bottles of Bishop’s Finger and just chill out for the evening

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