2017-08-03 – Projecting my voice!

I’m definitely going to research, write a script and then film and edit my weekly vlog today.  Yesterday was a failed attempt due to excessive consumption of a rather potent CBD oil. Today I will put up with the tremor and muscular pain, and concentrate on projecting my voice and trying to enunciate clearly.

My wife is working from home again today, trying to bring the accounts up to date for her soft furnishings business, which is a major distraction for me – I’m used to there being just me (and the dog) at home during the week.

I choose a cannabis related subject for my vlog, and spend several hours doing my research.  I have a script that I’m (reasonably) happy with by mid-afternoon, so I set about converting the lounge into a studio – setting up the camera and tripod, the stand for my iPad (with the teleprompter app on it), moving some stuff out of camera shot, getting the lighting right.  I take the dog for her afternoon walk before I start filming – she’ll only get restless otherwise – and then send my wife out for a run so that the dog and I can have the house to ourselves.

By the time my wife returns (red in the face and very sweaty) I have finished the filming (without too many retakes) and am loading the raw footage onto my MacBook for editing.

I edit the video pretty quickly, given that tremor is not helping, and by the time dinner is on the table, I’m uploading it to my YouTube channel.

Time for a beer (perhaps two), and the final episode of Episodes on Netflix.

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