2017-05-17 – Really, really tired.

I’m awake before the alarm goes  off at 7am (as usual).  I don’t really want to get up, but a full bladder drags me to the smallest room, and there didn’t seem much point in going back to bed, so I get dressed and go downstairs to give the dog her breakfast.

Motivation still seems to be down the toilet, so I am not expecting to achieve very much today.  My wife wants me to locate a load of emails from the accountant, and I need to find all of the documentation relating to my pension so that I can (hopefully) draw some money out of my pension fund.  Those are my achievable targets for the day – shouldn’t be too difficult.

I feel really, really tired, in fact I am almost overwhelmed with tiredness today.  As early as 11am I am fighting sleep (and very nearly succumb) and it persists all afternoon, no matter how hard I try to shake it off.  My voice is also incredibly weak, as it was last night, and it’s lucky that it’s only the dog that I have to speak to.  Tremor isn’t too bad, but breaking through in my left leg from time to time.  Dystonia in my right foot is uncomfortable, but bearable.  Muscular stiffness and weakness in my right arm is painful, but not as bad as my lower back pain which started yesterday.  Walking is a little wooden, and my balance isn’t the best it’s been.

I locate all of the emails from the accountant, find some of the paperwork relating to my pension (more effort required here!), walk the dog (for the 2nd time) and vacuum downstairs before my wife gets home from work.

I’m exhausted – an early night is definitely on the cards.

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