2017-05-16 – An overwhelming sense of underachievement!

I really need to get back into doing something.  I’ve been totally unproductive for what seems like an absolute age (if you don’t include making videos for my YouTube channel) and I have an overwhelming sense of underachievement!  I need to finish tiling the bathroom, and so, when my wife asked me what I was planning to do today, I replied that I was going to try to make some progress with tiling the bathroom.

Epic fail!  I’m going through another period when I am struggling to motivate myself to do the simplest things, and so no progress was made with the bathroom, although I did try (and failed) to find some glass mosaic tiles that I need.  On the plus side, I emptied the recycling box in the conservatory into the recycling bin in the back garden, changed over the Calor gas bottle for a full one (which is something that I have been putting off for the last couple of weeks), walked the dog (twice) and vacuumed downstairs.  I also dealt with messages and emails that had arrived overnight, although I can’t say that I found that too taxing.

I also want to film a review of the Real Scientific Hemp Oil that I tried (on 3 separate occasions) over the last week or so, but can’t seem to manage to do that either.  I think I need to give myself a good stern talking to!

Tremor is breaking through on both sides today, but it’s only mildly irritating so I won’t bother making any adjustments to my neurostimulator just yet.  Dyskinesia is a little more troublesome than it has been for weeks and weeks, but I’m coping with it.  Dystonia is also mildly irritating.  Balance and walking are pretty good at the moment.  My main issue is lower back pain, which isn’t Parkinson’s related (at least, I don’t think it is) – I think I must have strained myself carrying my birthday present into the house from my wife’s car yesterday evening!

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