2017-05-18 – More lethargy.

Another day of lethargy, lethargy and more lethargy.  I can’t seem to get myself enthusiastic about anything just at the moment, and it’s getting me down.  My wife is so incredibly patient with me – she leaves me sitting on the sofa when she goes to work each morning, and she finds me (usually) still sitting in the same place when she returns home in the evening.  She doesn’t understand my lack of motivation, and it’s difficult to explain it to her because I really don’t understand it either (apart from the fact that it’s a Parkinson’s Disease symptom and it’s something to do with the “reward centre” in the brain).

I do manage to get the essential tasks done – 2 dog walks!  I even manage to take the dog’s brush out with me and give her a thorough grooming, which will save me some work when it comes to vacuuming the lounge a little later on.  My walking and balance is much better today, but tremor is a little more troublesome.  Dystonia and dyskinesia are both present, but tolerable.  Muscular weakness and stiffness in my right arm isn’t as painful as it was yesterday, but my voice is still absolute pants.  I’m still feeling very tired, still fighting off sleep, but not as bad as yesterday – the early night must have done me some good!

I decide to make a start on the script for this week’s vlog this afternoon.  I have chosen the subject, and can script it without having to do any research, so it should be relatively straightforward.

I run the vacuum cleaner over the floors downstairs before my wife gets home, and make sure that the kitchen is reasonably clean and tidy.

Another early night?  I think it would be a good idea…

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