2017-05-10 – Feeling feeble.

I get up with every intention of carrying on with the bathroom tiling today, but in the end the closest I get to doing anything is putting on my work clothes when I get dressed.   I’m feeling feeble, which seems ridiculous when you consider I was only actually tiling for about 2 hours yesterday.

I get on with some online tasks instead – there’s the water bill to pay, and I need to email friends to break the news that we can’t accommodate them at the end of the month when they wanted to visit, because I am unsure whether or not I’ll have finished the bathroom, and I’m pretty sure that I won’t have cleared the spare room, which is currently like a building site.

My wife and I are going to a gig (From The Jam) on Friday evening, at The Waterfront in Norwich, so I need to start work on my weekly vlog a little earlier than usual.  If I can get the script written today, and then film and edit it tomorrow, I should be able to do some more tiling on Friday before getting ready to go out.   I have a subject in mind, so I get on with researching it and working on the script.

I check on the allotment when I take the dog out for her 2nd walk of the day.  Disaster!  We had a frost last night (so one of the other allotment holders told me), and our courgette plants are looking decidedly the worse for wear.  I’ll give them a couple of days to see if they recover, otherwise we will have to plant some more seeds.

Tremor is okay today, but dystonia in my right foot is rearing its ugly head.  Voice is weak, but at least it hasn’t disappeared (yet).  Balance is okay, and muscular weakness and stiffness isn’t bothering me quite so much. My walking is rather wooden, though, and I find myself fighting off sleep a couple of times this afternoon.   I self medicate with some Real Scientific Hemp Oil – I had hoped to film my review of this product this week, but it just isn’t going to happen.  Next week, perhaps.

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