2017-05-09 – Worn myself out.

I get dressed in my scruffy work gear for the second day in a row.  I didn’t really make any progress with the bathroom tiling yesterday, so… today’s the day!

I get the usual morning activities out of the way (tea, Nutriblast, dog walk, PopMaster) and then assess the situation.  I have to cut some more tiles before I mix up a load of adhesive – the last thing I want is to run out of tiles before I run out of adhesive – so I setup the electric tile cutter in the back garden, mark up the tiles that I need to cut, and cut them.   Then, I mix up a bucket of adhesive and retire to the bathroom.   I spend the next couple of hours gluing tiles to the bathroom walls, running out of adhesive just before running out of tiles.  I clear up the mess that I have made in the bathroom and then wash up the tiling tools and clear up the mess in the back garden.  The dog is asking me to take her for a walk, so I take her (of course), even though I’m feeling like collapsing onto the sofa and staying there for a while – I seem to have worn myself out!

My walking is not as good as it could be this afternoon – it was fine this morning, so it’s probably due to fatigue.  Tremor and dystonia are ok, voice is better than it has been for several days, muscular stiffness and weakness are most uncomfortable.  For some reason my tinnitus is through the roof this afternoon – that usually only increases when I have self medicated (with cannabis or CBD) so I am pointing the finger at fatigue (again).

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