2017-05-11 – A new life.

I get up this morning to an empty house (apart from the dog).  My wife had a phone call from her youngest son during the night – his fiancee had gone into labour and they were on their way to the Norfolk & Norwich hospital.  My wife wants to be at the birth, so at around 2.30am she got dressed and drove to meet them at the hospital.  At 5.17am there is a new life – our 2nd granddaughter has been born!  Mother and baby are both doing fine.

I am filming (and editing) my weekly vlog a day early this week – our friend from Brighton is coming to visit tomorrow, and then we are all going to see From The Jam at The Waterfront, so I won’t have time to get it all done and published before we go out.  I finish off the script this morning – it was much harder work than I had anticipated – and then setup the camera and tripod in the lounge, load the script into the teleprompter app on my iPad and rehearse a couple of times.  My voice isn’t too good today and I think I’m going to struggle with the filming.

Sure enough, I require many, many takes to get something that I’m even remotely satisfied with.  I load it onto my MacBook and get it edited as best I can.  It’s a good job that I subtitle all of my videos because my voice sounds very indistinct, and even I would struggle to understand what I’m saying if it wasn’t for the words on the screen.  I load the video up to my YouTube channel and schedule it to be published tomorrow afternoon.

My wife returns home (briefly) at around 10pm to have a bath and get changed, and then she’s off to Hevingham for the night to look after her youngest son’s dogs until he and his fiancee (and our granddaughter) return from hospital – hopefully tomorrow!

The dog cuddles up to me on the sofa, and I wet the baby’s head with a bottle of KingGoblin.  Cheers!!


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