2018-02-05 – Deep water snorkelling.

The weather forecast was correct, and there was just a gentle breeze in Marsa Alam today, so deep water snorkelling was very much on the agenda.  We got to see a couple of fish that were have never seen before (a spotted reef stingray and a conger eel) as well as the usual array of colourful marine life that makes swimming in the Red Sea akin to swimming in a well stocked aquarium.

Tremor remains prominent in my left leg, but it’s not bothering me unduly.  My voice is a little weaker than it was yesterday, and I feel that I’m slurring my words (and it’s got nothing to do with the number of all-inclusive cocktails that I’m enjoying).  The pain in my right side is still there, but no worse than it was yesterday – I’ll go to see my doctor about it if it hasn’t disappeared by the time we get home.

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