2018-02-04 – A much more gentle breeze.

Up until now we have been snorkelling in a shallow lagoon close to the beach, because the strong breeze made it more difficult to enter the water at the end of the pier.  The pier stretches out from the end of the beach, across the shallow lagoon to the edge of the coral reef where the depth of the water is more than 10 metres.  The sea has been very rough at this point, breaking into surf as it reaches the edge of the reef.  Today there is a much more gentle breeze, and there are scarcely any waves breaking over the reef, so my wife and I have been enjoying snorkelling in deeper waters.  Tomorrow is also forecast to be less windy, so we will make the most of it while it lasts.

I am still extremely uncomfortable with the pain in my side, but it isn’t stopping me from enjoying my holiday – I just wish it would go away!  My tremor is much the same.  My voice has definitely improved in strength, although I feel it is bordering on indistinct because of the number of times that I have to repeat myself to be understood.

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