2018-01-15 – Thrown into disarray.

I planned to try and cross a few things off my “To Do” list today, but my plans are thrown into disarray by a crisis – my wife rings me mid-morning to say that she has had a complete power failure in her workshop and can’t do any work.  I walk the dog, sort out a few electrical tools, get in my car and drive over to Hevingham to see what can be done.  I end up having to drive to Toolstation in Norwich to get something to repair the main power cable to the workshop, which appears to have been damaged somehow…  My wife helps me to effect the repair (in the rain!) and then I head back to Southrepps to take the dog for her afternoon walk, split some logs, fill the log basket, light the fire and vacuum downstairs.

I do manage to cross one item off my list – I ring Autowerke and book my car in to have a new thermostat fitted this Thursday morning at 8am, so I’ll be up bright and early on Thursday!

I have a large amount of pain at the moment – sciatica is rearing it’s ugly head.  I’ll have to try some exercises to try to alleviate it.  Tremor is back again (left leg) but very mild.  Voice is still rubbish.

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