2017-11-30 – Snowing and sleeting.

It’s cold and wet, snowing and sleeting in Southrepps this morning.  The dog isn’t keen on going out, and neither am I, but needs must!   It’s a much briefer walk than is usual.

I broke the suction hose on our vacuum cleaner last week, so I spend the morning searching for a replacement part (the original part has been discontinued by the manufacturer).  I finally find a pattern part that looks like it’ll fit, and order it.

I email the Parkinson’s nurse, asking for an appointment – I feel the need for some physiotherapy to see if it can improve my balance and mobility, and I’m also still suffering motivation problems and would like to see if she can offer any solutions.   I hope she actually replies to my email this time – I never even received an acknowledgement when I last emailed her at the end of August.

I decide to give the woodburner a clean, so I empty the ash and clean the windows in the stove doors with some oven cleaner.  Then I split some logs, fill the log basket and light the fire.  Finally, I vacuum up all of the mess I made while cleaning the woodburner, holding the broken suction hose together whilst I do so.

The dog is due for her afternoon walk, and hailstones are falling again.  We have another brief excursion, returning home damp and cold.

My arm is still painful, although it’s not as bad as it has been for the last couple of days.  Tremor and dyskinesia are also reduced.   My voice is the troublesome symptom today, and I sound like a slurring drunk (to my ears).

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