2017-11-29 – Babysitting.

My wife and I are babysitting our eldest granddaughter today, so my wife disappears off to Hevingham to collect her whilst I drink some tea, walk the dog and construct the huge child-proof fireguard around the woodburner.

We take her to Stompers in North Walsham (a soft play area) both to entertain her and to wear her out.  I sit and watch, while my wife runs around after her – most entertaining!

My right arm is giving me some discomfort at the moment.  I thought that it was due to sleeping awkwardly (at first), but now I’m thinking that it could be Parkinson’s related because the pain in my arm moves around between shoulder and elbow and doesn’t seem to be due to pressure on the arm or when I’m using the muscles – it seems to be random.  It was definitely eased by the cannabis I vaped last night, so at least I know what to do when it’s bothering me.  Other than that, the only symptoms that are bothering me are tremor in my left leg and some dyskinesia in my right arm, so I’m in reasonable shape at the moment.

My wife returns our granddaughter while I split some logs, fill the log basket, light the fire, deconstruct the fire guard and take the dog for her afternoon walk.

I’m feeling tired, and plan on another early night.

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