2017-11-11 – A shopping trip.

I’m going to pick my car up from East Bilney Coachworks this morning, so my wife and I are going to combine this task with a shopping trip to Norwich – my wife needs to buy herself an outfit for her youngest son’s wedding on 22nd November, and I need to buy myself a suit for my mother’s funeral that can also be worn to the wedding (provided I manage not to spill any food or drink over it at the funeral/wake).

The car looks fine, and the new paintwork matches the old, so I was worried unnecessarily.  It’s good to hand the little courtesy car back and fire up my Porsche – I’ve missed it!

We drive into the city centre, get parked and go shopping.   My wife finds what she wants and I find a suit that my wife likes (which is very important) in double-quick time, and so we move on to the cake decoration warehouse, where my wife purchases cake boards, cake boxes and ribbon necessary for decorating (and keeping safe) the wedding cake that she is making for her son’s wedding.

We are home just as it its getting dark, and my wife walks the dog while I bring some logs in and light the woodburner.

I’m feeling completely knackered, so I slump on the sofa while my wife prepares dinner.  I do manage to summon up enough energy to pop open a couple of bottles of beer!  It’s my son’s birthday today – Happy 20th Birthday, Son!  I raise my glass to him – any excuse, eh?

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