2017-11-10 – My car is ready.

I receive a phone call from East Bilney Coachworks to tell me that my car is ready to be collected.  In feeling slightly nervous about it because last time they did some paintwork on my car, they got the colour horribly wrong and ended up having to do the job again and again until they got it right.  They have had the car for almost 2 weeks now (for a job that shouldn’t have taken more than about 3 days) which would suggest they have been struggling to match the paint colour again…  I won’t be able to go and fetch it until late this afternoon (and then the daylight will be fading) so I arrange to pick it up tomorrow morning instead.

After walking the dog this morning, I pop into The Vernon Arms to talk to the landlord about arranging a buffet for my mum’s wake on 20th November.

That done, I get to work on my weekly vlog, which this week is about the stigma attached to the use of cannabis as a medicine, and how my mum never let on to me that she knew I used it.   I write a script, film myself (with minimal re-takes, for a change), edit it and upload it to my YouTube channel (taking a break to walk the dog again, and to light the woodburner – its definitely getting a bit chilly now) before my wife gets home from work.

After dinner I pop open a beer, self medicate with a little cannabis and settle down in front of the telly to watch an episode of Dexter on Netflix.

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