2017-10-31 – My mum is ill.

I have to take my car to East Bilney Coachworks today, so that they can rectify some dodgy work that they did.  I wait until rush hour is over, and then drive the 20 miles or so to their depot in Norwich.

Whilst I am completing the necessary paperwork, I get a call from my younger brother telling me that our mother is seriously ill and that I need to go to see her as soon as possible.   I pick up the courtesy car that the garage is loaning me, drive home as quickly as (legally) possible, walk the dog and then get myself over to Stalham to see mum.

My mum has advanced Parkinson’s Disease and has been in a semi-conscious state for several days – a state that she has been in (and recovered from) on a couple of previous occasions.  This time is different, and it really is looking like this is the end of the road for her.  She recognises my voice and knows that I’m there.  She sees me, but she cannot talk and can scarcely nod her head in response to any conversation directed towards her.   She hasn’t eaten for days and her fluid intake is practically nil.  Her doctor says that she is comfortable and not in any pain, and says that she is better off where she is rather than sending her to hospital.   It breaks my heart to see her this way, and I hope that the end comes swiftly, for her sake.

I (and my wife) sit there with her most of the afternoon, playing her old Tom Jones records to her on her record player, until we have to return to Southrepps to attend to the dog.

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