2017-07-10 – A lot of payback.

I’m absolutely shattered today, fighting off sleep almost as soon as I have got dressed and gone downstairs.  I guess it’s because I scrubbed the boat for 20 minutes yesterday, but it seems like a lot of payback for very little effort.

I have some tremor breaking through on both sides, but it’s bearable.  Voice is fairly weak, balance is okay, walking is a little wooden, muscular weakness and stiffness is moderately uncomfortable, dystonia isn’t too bad, dyskinesia is threatening to spill my drink when I pick it up from the table.  My energy levels are down the toilet.

I have quite a lot of email and social media messages that have accumulated whilst we were on the boat over the weekend, so I busy myself sorting through them and replying to those that require replies.

The dog drags me out for her two walks, which at least gets me out of the house, and I pay a brief visit to the allotment to harvest more courgettes before they become marrows.

I have a quick tidy around downstairs and vacuum up the dog hair before my wife arrives home from work.  An early night is a definite requirement!

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