2018-06-19 – A bit more of a workout.

Another session on the motorised exercise bike at North Walsham cottage hospital this morning, and this time it’s a bit more of a workout – I’m feeling as though I’ve actually expended some energy this time.

I have a busy day with the media.  It’s all kicking off with the campaign to legalise cannabis since the Home Office confiscated a sick child’s cannabis based medicine, and then performed an about-turn and gave it back when they realised the strength of public opinion on the issue.  Since that happened, all of the mainstream media have been running medicinal cannabis stories, and my phone keeps ringing.  I do a telephone interview with the Daily Mirror, for publication with a feature on medicinal cannabis on Thursday, and then I get a call from the BBC wanting to know if I would be prepared to tell my story on the Victoria Derbyshire show tomorrow morning.   I give it a couple of minutes of consideration, and agree (in spite of the fact that it entails me catching a train to London at 6am).  I have a conversation with another journalist (with whom I have had dealings before) who wants me to mention a certain cannabis research company if the opportunity arises.  We’ll see!

I make sure of the details of the meeting in Parliament tomorrow afternoon and assemble the paraphernalia that I need to take with me (train tickets, instructions for gaining entrance to the Houses of Parliament, DBS controller, video camera, etc, etc) , and then get an early night.

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