2018-02-11 – Freezing cold.

Nothing much going on here today – it’s freezing cold outside, so I’m trying to stay in the warm.  My wife takes the dog for her morning walk and I sit and drink my morning cuppas.

I decide to continue with editing my neighbour’s safari holiday video – the sooner I have that finished, the happier I will be.

We go over to have dinner with my wife’s youngest son, his wife and our youngest granddaughter this evening, so I don’t bother with bringing any logs in to the house today, since we won’t bother lighting the fire – I do spend half an hour splitting a few logs, though, because I feel that I’m being a tad lazy and they’ll come in handy later in the week.

We get back to Southrepps in time to watch an episode of Suits on Netflix.   I’m suffering with restless legs at the moment, so I take a little cannabis to calm it, which it does.  It also helps me get off to sleep (and stay asleep).

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