2018-02-08 – Sorting stuff out.

We are awake at 7.30am, which is a bit on the early side considering we didn’t get to bed until after 3am, but once we’re awake we get up and start sorting stuff out.

My wife empties the suitcases and sorts out the dirty laundry.  I clean out the woodburner, bring in a few logs from the back garden and get the fire going (because we are feeling the cold).

The pain in my side has almost disappeared now, which is a major relief.  Left leg tremor is still present, but no better or worse than it has been over the last week or so.  Voice is a touch weak at the moment, and I am still having to make a conscious effort to enunciate clearly to make myself understood.

We go to North Walsham this evening to visit Lidl to get some groceries, and also drop in on my wife’s parents in Worstead to collect our dog – home just isn’t home until the dog is back in residence!

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