2018-01-12 – Uncommon symptoms.

I have no idea what I am going to vlog about this week, so my first task of the day is to scan all of the Parkinson’s related websites and Facebook groups looking for some inspiration.  I finally decide to talk about uncommon symptoms of PD, prompted by an uncommon symptom that I have been experiencing for well over a year – the tendency for me to bite the inside of my mouth when eating – very painful, and it’s currently making my life a misery.

I have several interruptions to the filming and editing of my vlog – my daughter calls me from York on FaceTime for a chat, my son calls me from Melbourne on FaceTime for a chat, and one of my neighbours drops in to discuss a local planning issue – so my schedule is well and truly out of the window.  I eventually finish editing just after we have eaten dinner, and publish it just before bedtime.

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