2017-11-27 – Less fatigued.

I’m feeling a little less fatigued than I was yesterday, but it soon becomes evident that my energy reserves are very low.  My wife and I met with the newlyweds this morning in Hoveton to have brunch in the McDonald’s there (my wife took the morning off work because she is full of cold and not feeling too sharp).  While were are out, we visit a local hardware store so that my wife can buy some allen keys that she needs for work, and we have a quick look around the local department store where my wife purchases some shoes.  By the time we leave the department store, I’ve had enough – all I want to do is sit down somewhere warm and comfortable to recover.

We return to Southrepps – my wife disappears off to work (somewhat revived by her brunch) while I walk the dog, split some logs and fill the log basket, vacuum downstairs and then light the woodburner.  I then collapse onto the sofa to recharge my batteries.

I intended to make a start on editing all of the video footage that I took at the wedding and reception, but the day has passed me by – tomorrow, perhaps?

Left leg tremor is bothersome today, probably because I’m feeling so knackered.  Dystonia and dyskinesia are less of a problem, which is weird – usually dystonia goes hand-in-hand with tremor.  Muscular weakness is definitely an issue – time for some cannabis to ease the discomfort.

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