2017-11-14 – The hardest thing.

Today I am going to attempt to write the eulogy for my mum’s funeral, and also select a couple of poems to be read out at the service.   I think that this is the hardest thing that I have had to do so far.   When I start writing the eulogy, the fact that she is no longer with us comes crashing home, and selecting the poems makes it even worse.  I end up sitting on the sofa in floods of tears, sobbing my heart out while the dog looks at me questioningly.

After a while I manage to pull myself together and take the dog for a walk.  I bump into one of our neighbours who sees that I’m distressed and invites me in for cup of tea and a chat, which does me the world of good.

This evening we have dinner in Hevingham with my wife’s family – it’s her youngest son’s fiancee’s birthday today.  This does a good job of taking my mind off things, and by the time we leave there to return home, I’m in a much better frame of mind.

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