2017-11-06 – The world feels a little emptier today

My elder brother summed it up when I sent him a message (he lives in Nova Scotia) to let him know that our mum had passed away.  “The world feels a little emptier today” he said – and so it does.

Our mother finally gave up the fight against Parkinson’s Disease, and slipped away peacefully this morning.   My heart (and those of my two brothers) is broken, and this world will never be quite the same again.

7 thoughts on “2017-11-06 – The world feels a little emptier today”

  1. Please accept our deepest sympathy, we know this a big hammer blow to your life right now and hopefully you will find peace in the knowledge that your mum is now at rest . kindest regards John and Vi Fee.

  2. Ian, my sincere condolences on the lose of your mum. While she may be physically gone, she will be forever in your heart. Take comfort in having the time to tell her how much you loved her, regaliating her with fond memories and laughing for for sure she was enjoying that time as well. Peace be with

  3. Tears. Caring, loving words of condolence to you give comfort that your mum is at last free of her affliction and is now in God’s Heaven where there is no illness, only joy, yet possibly your love for her fills your aching heart with a natural desire that she is with you still. May God(I AM) replace that desire with happiness everyday of knowing that she is now living with Him in His Heaven.

  4. Ian, my mother read your blog often, finding your experiences familiar and helpful as she and my father navigated his life with Parkinson’s and DBS. She passed on this summer of cancer, and I have found in your writings a friendly comfort in the months since. I am deeply sorry for your loss, as i’m sure she would have been; it is a simply incomparable reality to live on in a world without ones’ mother. I am sure she was so very proud of you, and I hope your friends and family help you remember her well as the years go by.

    1. Thank you, Miguel, I am glad that you gain comfort from my blog, and I thank you for your condolences.



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