2017-11-04 – More time with my mum.

My daughter and I are spending some more time with my mum today, so after the dog has been walked, we’ve had cups of tea/coffee and breakfasted on bacon and eggs, we drive over to Stalham.

Mum is much the same as she was yesterday – unconscious, but warm and comfortable and not in any pain.  My daughter and I talk to her about family members who have sent their love, hold her hand, tell her how much she is loved…

Eventually we return to Southrepps to have some dinner, before my daughter has to leave and drive back to York where she is at university.  She’s glad that she got to see her grandmother, and I’m pleased that it has given her some comfort.

I have had so many messages of comfort and support from people who subscribe to my blog and my vlog, from people who belong to the same Parkinson’s groups on Facebook that I do, as well as from friends and relatives – it is very touching, and very much appreciated.

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