2017-10-25 – Less fatigued.

I’m feeling less fatigued today, but tremor in my left leg hasn’t abated appreciably.  I think that my voice is a little better, and muscular tension doesn’t seem quite so bad as it was yesterday.

It’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow, so I need to get a card and gift for my wife.  I drive into North Walsham this afternoon and purchase flowers and fruit (it’s our fourth anniversary) and a nice card – I also took delivery of a nice pink wheelbarrow this morning, something that I know she wants to make life a little easier on the allotment.  I bought a bottle of Prosecco, and booked a table in The Vernon Arms for dinner tomorrow night.  I bumped into one of our neighbours when I went over to the pub to book a table, and he led me astray by buying me a pint of Abbot Ale.  Naturally (it’s just good manners) I buy him a pint in return, so I’m half cut by the time my wife gets home – luckily I have put dinner in the oven, and I have sorted out stuff for tomorrow, so Brownie Points have been earned…

2 thoughts on “2017-10-25 – Less fatigued.”

  1. A pink wheelbarrow? I am jealous
    My husband claimed he married me for the wheelbarrow I owned……….. that was 32 years ago. Congratulations on your anniversary

    1. Your husband must be as much of an old romantic as I am! Thanks for the comment and the anniversary wishes!



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