2017-10-11 – Well and truly disrupted.

My wife has a sales rep calling to see her this morning, so we are up, tea/coffee drunk and waiting for her to arrive at 9.30am.  She’s late, and doesn’t arrive until gone 10.00am.  By the time my wife and her have finished discussing business, its midday and my routine has been well and truly disrupted – no PopMaster for me today!

My car is going for its MOT test this afternoon, so I leave the house at 1.30pm to drive to the outskirts of Norwich.  I dash into Lidl before driving to the testing station (to pick up a few items that we have run out of), and arrive 20 minutes early for my appointment.   90 minutes later I receive the news they my car has failed the test – disaster!  I quickly drive over to Autowerke, tell the mechanic what the problem is, and wait around to see if he is able to fix it.  I receive the usual top notch service: the problem is fixed while I wait, the mechanic manages to effect the necessary repair using some parts that he has lying around the workshop, and then doesn’t charge me for either the parts or his time – I guess he felt that he had had enough money from me this week!  Unfortunately it is too late in the day to have the car retested, so I will have to drive over to Norwich and back again tomorrow, which is a bit of a nuisance.

I’m feeling less tired than I thought I would be today, given the long day we had yesterday.  The only symptoms that are bugging me are tremor in my left leg and a weak voice, so nothing too serious

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