2017-09-25 – A battle with motivation.

I’m having a battle with motivation at the moment, and it’s not a battle that I’m (currently) winning.

“Is there anything you want me to do?” I asked my wife this morning, as she was getting ready to leave for work.  “You could order the side panel for the bath” she replied.  A simple enough task, you would think, but I’ve been trying to achieve it all day, and its now almost 5pm and all I have done is measure the bath so that I know the size of panel to order…

On the plus side, I have booked my car into Autowerke for a service and brake pads this Thursday – I’ve been trying to achieve this since the beginning of last week.  I have also selected a new contract for our electricity supply at the cottage – our current contract expires in just under 3 weeks – now all I need to do is actually call the energy company and set the wheels in motion.  Tomorrow, perhaps.

I searched around for a late availability holiday for my wife and I – it’s our wedding anniversary next month, and we decided that it would be nice to celebrate that somewhere warm.  I haven’t selected a holiday yet, but I do have better idea of where we should go.  I’d better check that my passport hasn’t expired!

I took the dog for her two walks today, and that’s about the extent of my achievements for the day.

Don’t ask me why I’m struggling to perform some pretty basic tasks, because I don’t understand it either.  I just know that I’m struggling.  I have a whole list of basic tasks that I need to do, and no idea when I’m going to be able to get them all done.  I just hope that I can make some sort of progress before my wife loses patience with me.

4 thoughts on “2017-09-25 – A battle with motivation.”

  1. Hi Ian, I experience the same thing as you do – thanks for putting it into words. I forwarded it to my wife as I have talked to her about this daily battle where even small tasks become major projects. Difficult as I used to be quite the opposite ….


    1. Hi Oliver

      It’s really debilitating, isn’t it? My wife can’t understand it, and I can’t really help her with that, because I don’t understand it either. Here’s hoping that it passes…



  2. Hi! I am a that wife you both talk about. I guess I haven’t been very understanding of this either, but seeing that my husband is not the only one suffering with inability to accomplish simple tasks I’ll try to be more understanding with him. His lack of motivation also affects mine a lot, since long time ago we used to get thing done together and motivate each other. I have no solutions, but you can tell your wives that I totally understand their position! All the best to both of you 🙂

  3. All I can say to you both, Ian and Oliver, on the patience side, is that you need to trust the woman you married. She isn’t going to lose patience and leave. This is new for us too and it takes time to read the signs, and adjust to as its new for us too.

    I can only speak for myself but Love runs thick and deep, deeper than you would expect or even realise when you are a wife, or husband for that matter, with a partner who has a disability.

    Believe in us like we do in you.
    We will all get there with love and support to each other and even then, if you can’t show the love, as may happen one day… we KNOW it’s there.

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