2017-09-04 – Clerical tasks

I have a small stack of clerical tasks that I really need to do this week.  The most pressing is concerning my interview with Norman Lamb this Friday.  I have been making a list of questions to ask him, and want to review what I have written before emailing the questions to the production company (who are going to be filming the interview) for them to approve and add to.  I have promised Norman Lamb’s personal assistant that I will supply a list of the questions that I’m going to ask him, in advance, so that he can be prepared.  Time is running out!

Tremor and muscular stiffness and weakness are conspiring to make my typing slow and inaccurate, but eventually I’m happy that I have sufficient material to fill the 30 minute slot that we have been allotted.  I cut and paste my list of questions into an email, and send it to the production company.

I need to post a cheque to the Southrepps Parish Council in payment for our allotment for the next 12 months, and I have a number of packages to send out (eBay sales), so I package everything up, wander round to the village post office and have a good old chin-wag with the postmaster before taking the dog for her afternoon stroll.  I’m obviously getting tired (probably due to our busy day yesterday) because my walking is definitely significantly worse than it was when I walked the dog this morning – more of a stumble than a walk.

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  1. Your ability to push yourself through your physical ( and emotional) tough times and accomplish your goals no matter how tough they are amazes me. You are truly brave and a strong willed man. 🙂

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