2017-08-12 – A disturbed night.

I have a bit of a disturbed night last night – not sure why, but I was awake around 4am, then 5am, 6am and 7am.  I decide, since it’s Saturday, to remain in bed, and manage to snooze until almost 10am, which kind of makes up for the earlier awakenings.

Today we are going to my wife’s youngest son’s (and his fiancee’s) house to try to help them out a bit.  They recently had an addition to the family (our 2nd granddaughter) and they are both feeling the strain.  So, while they are out doing a little shopping in Norwich, my wife is grouting the wall tiles in their bathroom while I am fitting a blackout roller blind in the nursery.  My tremor is bugging me (still – I’m looking forward to my programming session at the NHNN on the 21st), and muscular weakness and stiffness is pretty uncomfortable in my upper arms but I do manage to fit the blind unassisted.

Mission accomplished, we return home via Lidl in North Walsham for essential supplies  (which include beer and ice cream, in case you were wondering).

My wife disappears off for a run, while I slam a couple of ready meals in the oven (red Thai curry), and make a start on the essential supplies (beer).  I also self medicate with a little cannabis to try to ease my muscular tension, which it does.

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