2017-05-13 – Meeting the new arrival.

I’m awake around 6am, but manage to nod off again until the alarm goes off at 7am.  I’m up and dressed at 7.15am, and feeling reasonably okay, considering that I had a night out last night (and spent most of it on my feet).  I make a pot of tea for me and our friend from Brighton, and then cook us a breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausage and baked beans – the first bit of cooking I have done for ages.

Our friend departs for home just before 9am, and I take the dog for her morning walk before considering how I am going to spend the rest of the day.  My wife is still over at Hevingham, helping her youngest son and his fiancee with the baby – I’m expecting a call at some stage today, inviting me over to Hevingham for the purpose of meeting the new arrival.  I should really be getting on with the bathroom tiling today, but I’m starting to feel tired already, so I’m going to leave it for another day.  Tomorrow?  Perhaps…

I concentrate on things online, adding links to my latest vlog to all of the Parkinson’s Disease groups that I am subscribed to on Facebook, and replying to questions and comments that have been posted on my YouTube channel.

I spend most of the afternoon sitting on the sofa in the lounge and fighting off sleep.  It is very tempting to succumb to it, but I know that if I go to sleep during the day, then I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight.  My symptoms are remarkably well contained today, especially given my current level of tiredness.  A little dystonia in my right foot is the only thing that is of any bother.

My wife calls me around 5pm, inviting me over to have some dinner and to meet our latest grandchild, so I take the dog out for a bit of a run, and then drive to Hevingham for the evening.

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