2017-05-06 – Shopping and stuff…

I’m awake soon after 7am, and out of bed by 7.30am, leaving my wife to catch up on some much needed rest.

Downstairs, I give the dog her breakfast and then check my email and social media, responding to a rash of overnight messages.  I also start work on a “front page” image for my YouTube channel videos – I want something to uniquely identify my videos as being mine.

Video "Front Page"
Video “Front Page”

At the moment, whenever I publish a YouTube video, YouTube takes a random frame from within the video and displays that frame as the video’s “front page”.  Unfortunately, since the majority of my videos are just me talking to the camera, almost every single video that I have published looks the same (or very similar).

Video "Front Page"
Video “Front Page”

I guess that does uniquely identify them as my videos, but the only thing that differentiates them from one another is the title.  I decide on a format, and update 2 or 3 videos with revised “front page” images.

My wife and I take the dog for her morning walk, and then my wife disappears for a run while I search online (unsuccessfully) for some tiling spacers that I require so that I can make progress with the bathroom tiling.  When my wife gets back from her run, we decide to take a drive into Norwich to see if I can get what I require from one of the tiling warehouses on the ring road.  I get the spacers that I need form the first tile warehouse that we visit, so our trip to the big city is mercifully brief.

We call in at Hevingham (on our way back to Southrepps) to see my wife’s sons, their fiancees and our granddaughter, and then hurry back home to take the dog for another walk (which my wife does).  By this time it’s after 5pm, so too late to start tiling.  We have an early dinner and settle in front of the telly for the evening.   My voice has completely failed me this evening – it hasn’t been great all day, but now I open my mouth to speak and nothing emerges.   All of my other symptoms are well controlled today apart from muscular weakness and stiffness in my upper arms, which is fairly painful.  Overall – mustn’t grumble (and if I did, you wouldn’t be able to hear me in any case!).

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  1. Love it all. It is very helpful to know that you have voice problems sometimes as well. Next month will be my 1 year anniversary for DBS.

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