2017-05-04 – Composing!

I have decided that my video needs some music to fill a long sequence that is currently silent, so my first task of the day (after dog walking) is to compose a minute or so of music to fill that silence.  I load Garageband on my MacBook and get stuck into composing something unobtrusive.  An hour or so later I have something that I think is acceptable, so I add it to my video and then upload it to my YouTube channel.

Foolishly, I have included the word “cannabis” in my video title, so it gets flagged by YouTube.  I rename my video (leaving out the “C” word) and upload it again!

I post links to my new video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a number of Parkinson’s Disease forums that I am subscribed to.  I also send the link to my friend in Guernsey who is campaigning for legalisation for medicinal use in Guernsey – he is most impressed with it, which is very pleasing, and wants me to add some Guernsey-specific messages to my video and then show it to David Nutt and (potentially) Richard Branson, both of whom support the medicinal use of cannabis.  It would be fantastic if the message contained in my video could bring about such a change.

My son has suggested a topic for my weekly vlog, so I start work on my script in preparation for filming tomorrow.

One thought on “2017-05-04 – Composing!”

  1. WOW, Ian i knew that Cannabis releived a lot of illnesses but boy do’s it do you good, i have essential tremor and have DBS for six years now and what i suffer from is nothing compared to your Parkinsons . My mum had parkinsons and she used to joke and call it the Harry’s why i don’t know but she suffered the medications for thirty years or so before she passed away so i know what you go through when you switch the DBS off , my tremors are almost fully under control with the DBS and i am thankful to medical science and the Neurological team that installed it, good luck with the legalisation process and keep the video’s coming . John, Melbourne Victoria Australia.

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