2017-04-03 – Recovering from walking.

I’m absolutely wiped out today.  I switch the 7am alarm off, and go back to sleep for another hour.  I get up just before my wife leaves for work.  I ache all over – especially my legs (from all of the walking I did in Amsterdam yesterday).  My tremor isn’t as bad as I expected it to be, but it is still breaking through on both sides from time to time, particularly in my left leg.  I’m not going to be doing very much today – just recovering from walking.

I need to ensure that we have the replacement bath and taps available when the plumber comes to fit them on Thursday – I ordered the taps a week ago, and there’s still no sign of them, and the company that I ordered the bath from have cancelled my order due to lack of stock!  I ring the company that is supposed to be supplying the taps – they are very apologetic and promise to have replacement taps delivered to me tomorrow.   I manage to find a company that can supply me with a replacement steel bath before Thursday – only problem is that I have to collect it from their depot in Cromer, and neither of our cars is big enough to carry it.  I will have to see if I can beg a favour from a neighbour who has a 4X4.

I take the dog for a walk, catch up with my blog entries from the weekend and self-medicate with a little cannabis.  The cannabis improves things tremor-wise, but relaxes me to the extent that I am fighting off sleep all afternoon.  The second dog walk of the day perks me up a bit, but I’m flagging again by the time my wife gets home from work.  We have dinner, I crack open a beer (Hobgoblin), and then we both get a very necessary early night.

2 thoughts on “2017-04-03 – Recovering from walking.”

  1. Really curious to know what cannabinoid and terpene profile you use as likely a sativa with similar profile may eliminate to desire to sleep. Furthermore, taking it in an alternate delivery method can eliminate that ‘couch-lock’ effect.

    1. I use Northern Lights, so it is a high THC low CBD strain (allegedly), which would appear to be the opposite of what I should be using. It works for me, though, so I will stick with it. I think the couch-lock was not entirely due to the cannabis – I was absolutely knackered from the weekend, so the relaxation that the weed provided, served to tip me over the edge!

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